A fine Christmas Ornament

Handmade Ornament accepted to be put onto White House Christmas tree
"Twin Towers in The White House"

Mei-Kuei Chan Cruise

Now In Session

Airzona Chienese Language, Culture and Art Academy.
Tel: 602-741-7131 Fax: 623-322-6393
If you have any questions or would like more information, please email Mei-Kuei Cruise.

Speaking Classes: Speaking Mandarin Chinese for children and adults (Sunday: 2-4pm)

Chinese Culture classes: Traditional dance, Mental Math, Abacus, Chinese painting, Calligraphy, Paper folding, Paper cutting, Soilk Cord knotting, Tai-Chi chuan, Chi Gong, Children's song, & Chinese yo yo. (Sunday: 4-5pm or 5-6pm).

Location: 111 Ave and Camelback.
When: Public Classes now in session. Private Individual or Groups are available for scheduling. Please contact me for pricing, dates, and times or if you have additional questions.