Mei-Kuei Chan Cruise is a 26-year veteran of Chinese Fine Arts. Born in the Year of Rat and raised in Taiwan, the Republic of China. She immigrated to the United States in 1972. Mei-Kuei received her education from the public schools in Taiwan and received her Teaching Certificate at the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan, studying under Master Artists as Yu-Shan Lin and Fang Lo. As an owner of a gift store in Hampton, VA, she made and sold arts and crafts such as Chinese painting, paper folding, cutting and knotting. She also taught paper sculpture in the store and joined local art exhibits. She is currently a faculty associate ( Instructor ) in Department of Dance at Arizona State University (ASU), teaching Tai-Chi Chuan, Zen Meditation and Chi Kung from 1988 to present.
Award received : Outstanding Faculty Award, 1997. ASU College of Extended Education.
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8630 W Kingman St.
Tolleson, AZ 85353
Residence Phone: 623-849-6565
Mobile Phone: 602-741-7131
Fax No.: 623-322-6393
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Mei-Kuei Chan Cruise was an artist in residence at the following locations:

Arizona Commission on the Arts Roster since 1989
Glendale Community College Chinese Instructor since 2000

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One fine Christmas ornament
at the White House
" of the sweetest...folded paper ornaments..and they (students) all made the twin towers... "
~Mrs. L. Bush
Celebration of Life

"Year of the Tiger"
For presentations, workshops or performance, please contact:

Mei-Kuei Chan Cruise
Phone 623-849-6565
Fax 623-322-6393
Ongoing Class Schedules
Tai Chi Chuan
This ancient Chinese martial art form develops health of body and mind and represents a training of the highest order. The slowness and precision of the movements develops body flexibility grace balance and martial skills. Performed in a slow, effortless manner and can be practiced it at any age. 
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Chi Kung
An ancient Chinese exercise based on special methods of breathing. Helps to physically and mentally relax the body while increasing the energy level. Learn various breathing exercises and different mediation methods.
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Zen Meditation
Why mediate? Zen Meditation helps relax in this stressful world. In today's fast-paced society people need to learn to slow down, to relax and to enjoy life, thus appreciating life more fully. The attitude of each individual determines whether happiness or problems arise, through Zen Meditation experience the difference.
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Teaching Chinese Culture & Fines Arts | Experience the Chinese Arts |
Teaching Chinese Culture To American Students Through Folk Tales,
Visual Arts, Music and Classical Dance.
Cultural programs includes :
  • Folk Tales Presentation
  • Visual Arts Demonstrations
  • Traditional Music and Dance
  • Tai Chi Chuan Performance

Residency Services & Demonstrations:
  • Lecture / Slide
  • Chinese Culture
  • Chinese Holidays
  • Chinese Folk Tales
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Chinese Painting
  • Chinese Paper Folding (Origami)
  • Chinese Paper Cutting
  • Chinese Paper Dyeing
  • Chinese Mask Making
  • Chinese Knotting
  • Chinese Cooking
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Chinese Language & Songs
  • Chinese Classical Dance
  • Chinese Abacus
  • Chinese Humming Yo-Yo